I have a lot of thoughts about Steam. Steam is currently a profitable way of promoting game sales. Although he has a lot of free games on it, even some of the popular games they make are the same. But there are always a lot of new and fun games, and based on the tags of the games you play, you will recommend relevant paid games for players.

A common way is to help promote sales through promotional activities, because you have already played your favorite type of free games, so the platform has positioned you based on your behavior, and the recommended games are most likely to be the type you like. Then there are special promotions, your probability of consumption will also increase a lot.

The second is the added value. One is the badge used for Steam Level. There will be two large-scale promotions every year. There will also be themed badges launched. To obtain them, the player's consumption is essential. Reward badges for participating in promotional activities generally have high XP. For players who want to buy games, this additional value is particularly meaningful, which further realizes game sales.

Due to the small number of theme activities in a year, in order to provide added value and promote sales, Steam also launched a point store function. Players can get corresponding points for every purchase. Perhaps there are many players who know the Buy Cheap Steam Level Up, and the points store has launched everything we need.

Background pictures, emoticons, custom profile themes, animated stickers, and avatars are all very rich. Some are related to your game, and some are made by the Steam team. There are also seasonal badges that provide a lot of XP. Now also start adding the items in the game to the point store.

What struck me, even more, was the connection between the points and the Steam community. Steam credits are essential to promote players to buy games. In order to make Steam points more valuable, Steam points can be used for rewards in the Steam community. Others can reward points for your sharing. It also increases the players' investment in the community. While making Steam points more useful, it also makes players like the community more.

This is a huge game platform that not only contains a large number of games, it also looks like a game full of stickiness.